Delivery Expediting

Our professional expeditors will seek out and analyze potential risks in your supply chain and ensure on time delivery of critical shipments. In the world of Just-In-Time supply chain management, who can afford the risk of costly delays?  When suppliers’ schedules slip, yours can too. In the worst case scenario, your production can come to a halt while you wait for critical materials to arrive. And various other scheduling problems can also arise from having too many procurement activities to perform and too few people to manage them.  But sending your employees to monitor and expedite production and shipping on-site at suppliers' facilities can often be costly and disruptive to your operations. The solution? NTS Supply Chain Management services.  When you bring us into the picture, suddenly many things become possible:

  • Identify and resolve supplier delivery obstacles in a timely manner
  • Offload your time-consuming procurement tasks to our team of trained professionals
  • Drastically reduce travel and lodging expenses because our expeditors are already close to your suppliers