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Keeping your business viable in a global marketplace requires certifying products for use in multiple regions. The process of global compliance testing can be complex — understanding your requirements and designing an appropriate testing program involves a thorough understanding of the regulatory environment around the world. NTS’ testing solutions help you achieve global market access in a constantly changing world.

We serve manufacturers and suppliers in military, aerospace, automotive and a range of other industries. Let our team identify your requirements and put together a fast, cost-effective testing program that opens the doors to lucrative international markets.

Challenges of Global Compliance Testing

Completing testing and certification to move into international markets presents several challenges, including:

  • Identifying the most recent version of a county or region’s standards
  • Dealing with language, time zone and SI/imperial system differences
  • Determining which, if any, of your current approvals are valid internationally
  • Identifying any conditions specific to the region that may affect the certification/operation of your product
  • Coordinating with an in-country representative who can act as your advocate for any issues that arise

These and other factors make testing for global compliance a complicated task. Working with an experienced testing team is the best way to streamline the process and bring your product to market faster.

Mandatory vs. Voluntary Approvals

NTS provides global testing for both mandatory and voluntary approvals. Mandatory approvals include any certifications required to pass through customs, obtain operating licenses or fulfill other legal requirements. Voluntary approvals include any testing beyond your mandatory requirements that can make a product more attractive to importers, suppliers and end-users.

Both mandatory and voluntary certifications may involve any combination of laboratory testing, factory or shipment inspections, labeling or translation requirements, and more. Coordination with a local importer or representative may be required.

Our Services

We offer full-service project management and support for any organization seeking help with global acceptance testing. Our team can perform in-country investigations to determine your certification requirements, testing and approvals from any of our North American facilities, pre-testing to international standards, and more.

Our engineers have experience providing certifications, type approvals, homologations, declarations, authorizations, registrations and other approvals for all countries and regions. We actively look for ways to keep costs down for our clients, including identifying which of your current approvals are transferable globally. We’ll work with you throughout the process and provide transparent communication that helps you make pragmatic decisions.

Why Perform Global Compliance Testing

Global approvals are often the first step in moving into international markets. Approval to a mandatory or voluntary set of standards helps you avoid liability issues and any complications that can lead to costly project delays. Approval is also an important selling point — particularly for customers who may not already be familiar with your organization and its reputation.

Ultimately, global compliance testing is an important part of the quality control process. Different regions have different regulations that reflect the realities of doing business there. Testing your product to global standards can help you identify flaws and failure modes that may be missed otherwise.

Getting a product approved for one market or another means you must understand each country's regulatory scheme and related requirements. It is important to acknowledge and plan for product approvals as they may require specific product labels, translations and/or statements in the user manual. You may need importer or in-country local representatives. You may need factory or individual shipment inspections. Depending on the country, local importers, subsidiaries or representatives may need to be involved in the approval process. Finally, there may be test requirements that overlap with other countries allowing for test lab economies of scale. Not considering these variables could be costly and delay time to market, resulting in lost revenue and market share growth.

How can NTS help me achieve International Product Compliance?

NTS’ International Approval Services are a robust solution to support international compliance and regulatory objectives on behalf of the manufacturer’s global marketing effort. With an established worldwide network supporting market certifications in the Information Technology, Wireless and Telecom sectors, NTS can quickly and efficiently achieve market approvals for your international product deployment.

International Approvals Support

The services are provided with a single point of dedicated project management so our clients have an accurate and comprehensive understanding of the specific country requirements, approval process, labeling guidelines and overall status at any given time.  Handling the global maze of regulatory compliance is a difficult task.  Let NTS take the burden off your back.  Contact us today for more details about NTS International Certification services.

  • Country investigations to determine specific requirements in the design process prior to product development, including direct communication with country authorities
  • Specific country approvals where testing and reporting to current requirements are offered at an accredited NTS test laboratory
  • Specific in-country approvals using accredited NTS and globally recognized test reports
  • In-country testing and in-country representation to support such test programs at government accredited test laboratories
  • Pre-testing to international standards and/or staging of samples before shipment to local test labs

A Reputation You Can Trust

NTS’ test reports are widely recognized through government established MRA’s and as such accepted throughout the world. The NTS team has a deep regulatory understanding and knowledge in multiple regulatory areas including but not limited to EMC, Safety, Telecom, Radio & Energy Efficiency.

How We Ensure Your Success

NTS’ customer centric services are designed to offer a single point of contact for all country approvals. Your dedicated project manager will support your application, manage your documentation control, support all logistics and keep you informed of the status and timelines of your approval efforts. Additionally, the approval team works with the NTS test lab to ensure all test program efficiencies can be identified – saving time and money in the testing and approval process.

Our international representatives can be utilized as license holders when necessary and our qualified relationships with international labs will help avoid project delays when products have to be sent in-country for testing. NTS can pre- test samples, prepare and ship test samples through customs, handle confidential documents and work through customs logistics.

International Approval Types

  • Certifications
  • Type Approvals
  • Homologations
  • Declarations
  • Authorizations and/or registrations
  • Exemptions
  • Shipping Approvals
  • Others

International Approval Areas or Disciplines

  • Safety
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Radiocom
  • Telecom (carrier or compliance)
  • Environmental
  • Others

Locations Serviced Include:

NTS Laboratories with Commercial International Accreditations

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