NTS Nuclear Services

Nuclear Center of Excellence Test and Engineering Services

The NTS Nuclear Center of Excellence, located in Huntsville, Alabama, is the primary supplier of safety-related testing services and equipment, engineering, research, and consulting services to utilities and power plant equipment manufacturers throughout the world. NTS is the nation's leading safety relief valve recertification service organization, the leading source of on-site snubber inspection, testing and repair services, and one of the largest suppliers of safety related spare parts.

NTS' reputation as a nuclear qualification testing laboratory is unparalleled. We have over four decades of experience and have qualified more equipment than any other company in the industry. Testing, equipment qualification, commercial grade dedication, engineering, component supply and field services are provided in accordance with 10 CFR 50 Appendix B and ANSI N45.2 under our NUPIC, NIAC and NRC audited quality program from our 220,000 square-foot facility at our 92-acre Huntsville campus.

Nuclear Test & Engineering Service Highlights

  • Dynamic, Climatic, EMC, Electrical, and Mechanical Testing and Evaluation
  • Seismic, LOCA, Aging Tests
  • "Hot Shop"/Rad License
  • Hi-flow Steam, Water, and Air
  • On-site Engineering and Failure Analysis

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