About NTS

Founded in 1961, National Technical Systems (NTS) is a privately held company providing a wide range of test, inspection and certification services as well as supply chain management solutions. Our clients see us an extension of their own engineering teams, filling in their internal gaps and providing the expertise required to build better, stronger, safer, more reliable products and bring those products to market quickly and efficiently. With the largest network of test laboratories in North America and over 50 years of experience to draw from, NTS is prepared to meet any challenge. Because helping you achieve your goals is how we achieve ours!

NTS is a forward-thinking company that never rests on its past success. We are always eagerly looking around the next turn in the road to prepare ourselves for the various challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. We are also a growth-oriented company, and we actively seek growth organically, via acquisition and through constant innovation. And as a service-oriented company our greatest assets are our people. We hire and retain the best and brightest individuals in their respective fields of specialization, and our management team is highly diverse, deeply experienced and fully committed to the future of this great company.

Not many companies last over 50 years in business. Those that do survive this long are generally able to do so through a rare combination of insight, dedication and a lot of hard work. Please browse this section of our website to learn more about NTS.